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Offerings or Prayers to avert misfortunes and sufferings

Offerings or Prayers to avert misfortunes and sufferings

To pray for longevity and prosperity:

Seeking longevity and prosperity (placing things that symbolizes wealth and longevity in the niche and urn purchased in advance) is the praying to the gods who are in charge of giving blessings, so as to fulfill the wish to seek longevity. This is also the similar common folk belief that “erecting pre-need tomb/foundations of life where people prepare their tomb while they are still alive” is a way to pray for blessings.

Candle-lighting Blessing Ceremony:

Candle-lighting ignite a symbol of wisdom for Buddha, and is a respectful ceremony of the religion. Many people dedicate merits through the candle-lighting ceremony to seek and pray for safety and well-being.

To transcend the infant spirits:

It is believed in the religion that young infant spirits are the most helpless and lonely souls of all. Through such rituals and candle lighting ceremony, repentant parents or the benevolent general public helps by doing meritorious deeds in their name and transferring it to them while increasing their merits for them to fulfil their reincarnation chances.

Resolving of Karma debtors:

It is believed in the religious context that everyone may in their lifetime have some unresolved debts or had cause any unintentional hurt to anyone. To prevent being disturbed by karma debtors and besieged by bad luck, many dedicate and transfer merits through prayers ceremony and candle lighting ceremony to resolve the injustice of debts and pray for safety and well-being.